Monday, March 5, 2012

Getting Ready...

"Noooo, Mom, your butt doesn't look big!"  erupts from my daughters, unsolicited, as I model my newest acquisition- down pants.  After working through the pride v. warmth debate, the warmth side has won.  Hands down.  On my upcoming trek to Everest Base Camp and subsequent climb of ~20,000 ft Imja Tse (Island Peak), my warmth is paramount. I HATE being cold!  As for the down pants, well, let's just be glad I've spared you the visual.  
There's still a week left before the trip, and the details are snowballing.  From packing for 3 weeks on trail- and figuring out what NOT to pack- to figuring out photographic gear... to putting together a medical kit...I'm beat.  It'll be a relief to get on the plane.
I'm hoping I can navigate this blog while in the Himalayas. iPads are a wonderful thing! Our guide, Linden, tells me that he's able to upload most days on the trail.  Cell phones on Everest. Oh my. Even so, I'm sure we'll be mostly unplugged!

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