Thursday, March 15, 2012


Wednesday, March 14

We arrived in Kathmandu on Wednesday around noon... Kathmandu time is 5:45 hours more distant than, currently, 10:45 time difference.  Still haven't obtained the micro SIM card for my iPad, so didn't post yesterday. By the time I had a spare moment, it was 10 PM local time, and my brain was fried after the travel days.

I'll write more later...but need to go to dinner- just wanted to let you know we are all safe in Kathmandu!
Love to all back home!


  1. Hey neighbor! So glad to hear you all arrived safely in Kathmandu- can't wait to hear all about your current adventure! It's hot in Richmond (84 yesterday and 82 today- beautiful outdoor weather!). Take care of yourselves! Jinx

  2. Great to hear you arrived safely. Waiting for more!!! Say hi to everybody.

  3. Heading to EBC in October - curious to hear about your luck with the getting a micro sim, cost and how it worked for you? ty