Tuesday, March 6, 2012


After 3 months of desperately awaiting the slightest breath of snow, today it came. Actually, it snowed 5 or 6 times, sometimes very densely, each storm punctuated by beautiful sunshine. March schizophrenia at its best.  Unfortunately, none of the snow stuck, so it was a no-snow-snow-day for Blaise.

While I am scrambling around gathering, most of my teammates have already gathered and packed for Everest Base Camp, and packed, and departed, for other destinations.  At this point I'll be fortunate to not forget my climbing gear. With so much going on, my brain has been fractured and I often forget which task I'm on.
The logistics of leaving for an extended trip are mind-numbing, and I'm fortunate to have a spouse who doesn't travel for work!  I could use a few more "snow" days...

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  1. Thanks for blogging DM about your adventure. Living vicariously through you is the only way I will ever climb a mountain! I wish you the very best of luck, strength, and endurance for a successful and safe trip. I am praying for you and thinking about you with lots of Love and Peace! xoxox Denise